Friday, October 29, 2010

The Beginning Of the End

The scar is hard to erase, 
wounds take forever to heal, 
memories fade away with time, 
thoughts change patterns, 
Numbness evolves.

As time passes,
everything around us changes,
nothing is simple anymore,
The shell around us grows stronger.

Faith has turned meaningless to the faithful,
Emotions are unfelt,
Relationships have lost their virtue,
The value of life has diminished,

Love no longer exists !

The Basic values of Life or the very essence of our known Life is changing to something that we cannot define anymore.
Evolution Backwards ! is that what this is ...
The Significance of our existence is hanging on loose  moral fibers  of this present day generation.
What we perceive to be progress is in itself degeneration of Human Race.
Ethics , Liberty , Freedom remains as just some words in a Dictionary.

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