Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I don't have a clue what I am going to write but I am sure I will come up with something .

I was just thinking about myself and what I am as a person , why do I not respond or why I do respond in a particular way to people around me and their talks , why or why do I not really get affected by most and get deeply affected by certain persons only . Its a Big question to me as to why I have turned out to be what  I am right now , was I always this way or did circumstances change me to be this way , whichever the case , Is this for good or bad ? The strange or mysterious ways of Life confuses me too much . I see the way becoming more and more mellow which I know is not good . There are times when I seem to crawl into a shell of my own and be aloof of the world around me . This world where I am in constant conversation with God , asking Him questions that have no definite answers . I see myself living more in this dream world than in reality . All I ever think of is being with Her and I know that its not what she wants . Why did it have to be this way , Why couldn't everything go back to the way it was , the way i dreamt , the Perfect way .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am not going to explain what is the actual meaning of emotion, anyone can look it up in a dictionary or google . I am trying to analyze the role of emotions in our life . The reason I chose the topic to write is because as an individual I  have always been said to be a very emotional person. not really sure what is causing everyone or most of them to come up with this conclusion.

The perception that people around me has always varied from time to time, but "emotional"is something that i don't really approve of , they don't even know me well enough to call me that. thinking about it in a deeper sense the question arises , Does being emotional really indicate any negativity in a person ? I would say not .

We are what we are and emotions define our existence .


What is it that you have done to me , I don't seem to realise ,
What is it that I have become , I dont seem to realise ,
What is it that you make me do , I don't seem to realise ,
What is it that you make me think , I don't seem to realise ,
But all I seem to realise is that I am in Love with you .

You bring a sense of completion in me ,