Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Feelings .....Random

I feel its one of those days when everything around me seems so strange or I would prefer to say that I feel out of place with respect to anything , there is nothing out of extraordinary that seems to be happening but everything still feels so different . Is it just me or everyone around me .I feel so alienated , yeah thats the word ,might seem strange but thats how I feel . Late realization one may say , I feel I am Focusing too much on Something or Someone who really doesn't care , Prioritizing Something or Someone over everything else around you is not so easy but again not impossible , concern or question is what is the end result . Everyone can and does fall in Love at some point or the other , everyone is capable of showing enough Love ,how many do actually get in return the same amount of Love and affection that they show towards others . I keep Questioning Myself , Why do I keep doing this over and over again . I Know for fact that I do Love this Special Someone in My Life right now more than anything , its beyond the realms of words or worlds , Maybe I don't express it in the way its expected to be done .I am ready to sacrifice everything to get some return of Love and Affection from this Special Person , I do know that I am not asking for too much because when i did really try and be okay with everything what this person expected me to be like , I was said to be Uncaring or not bothered,that was not the case in reality though.My Loyalty was put to test , even though I Didn't do anything wrong , I was Blamed for Lying or keeping the truth . If I have made mistakes I deserve to be given opportunities to correct myself or better Myself .I really hate being " Ignored " , it makes me feel terrible , hate being treated like a Nobody , not that it happens all the time but still I don't like it ,least of all take it .I don't want to be Just an Option or a Temporary . Thats not what its meant to be .I am Happy and Glad when I am appreciated for the things that I do or for what I am .I am More than happy when I am cared for and treated as a part of something , Relationships need constant nurture and taking care of so it doesn't lose its charm or strength .I am not expecting too much but yes definitely something . It used to make me come alive when I still used to see those small messages full of Love and Care and affection but seems like ages since I have got One .