Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A wilted leaf

It was a brigt new day , as the sun shone through the early morning sky filed with clouds , a beautiful sight indeed for most of the early birds.
For the li'l bird that was still in its nest the new day just began, the first glimpse it had was of this bright leaf that was right next to its nest , the sunlight gleaming through the small dew drop at its tip, little did the bird know that it was the last day on earth for this leaf .
The day started with all the buzz of a regular day ...the sun shining high in the sky by late afternoon, the bird perched at the tip of the nest just wondering and admiring at everything around it ....Until late in the evening things went pretty fne when from no where this heavy breeze comes along and just blows the leaf along with it ,out ofthe branches , out of the li'l bird's view...it was completely .......gone.....

Incomplete for now .....
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