Saturday, August 15, 2009

Venting Out .....

I have no clue why i am even writing anything today , its seems like the day when everything that I believed in , all the values , the principles everything including the trust and faith just came crashing down like a tidal wave .
I learnt one important lesson today ...again for the second time ... Have No expectations from others , they will always give up on you when you least expect it .
I feel like a lost soul which I am destined to be ...
But then again , who knows , this might be for a reason , a good one as I try thinking positively but I so am not sure that it is ...
The Famous saying which goes like "When God Closes a Door , He Opens Another One " doesn't seem to be working , at-least not in this situation or time .
Everything around me seem to be shunning me , so is everyone.
Do i really deserve this or the actual question is am I so undeserving .... I have no answer .
Is it not Normal or Human to make Mistakes .
Never Love anything or anybody too much .
Too Much of sacrificing does not yield to anything , Just your loss .
At-least in my case thats how it seems .

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