Wednesday, August 19, 2009


As I continue this journey called life, I have come to cherish each day. There are so many experiences in life to enjoy. These experiences are enhanced when shared with that special someone. To see, hear, touch, and feel life is very important .

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Venting Out .....

I have no clue why i am even writing anything today , its seems like the day when everything that I believed in , all the values , the principles everything including the trust and faith just came crashing down like a tidal wave .
I learnt one important lesson today ...again for the second time ... Have No expectations from others , they will always give up on you when you least expect it .
I feel like a lost soul which I am destined to be ...
But then again , who knows , this might be for a reason , a good one as I try thinking positively but I so am not sure that it is ...
The Famous saying which goes like "When God Closes a Door , He Opens Another One " doesn't seem to be working , at-least not in this situation or time .
Everything around me seem to be shunning me , so is everyone.
Do i really deserve this or the actual question is am I so undeserving .... I have no answer .
Is it not Normal or Human to make Mistakes .
Never Love anything or anybody too much .
Too Much of sacrificing does not yield to anything , Just your loss .
At-least in my case thats how it seems .