Saturday, April 26, 2008

What is life all about ?
Where is Life taking you ?
Where is it that you are taking your life ?
What is it that you want most from this life that you are leading ?

Questions that you ever keep wondering and never get an answer to .Life seems so simple and easy when things work out the way you like it or the way you desire .Sometimes its so strange that the same moments that you really thought would make you feel happy or glad about would turn out to be so complicated or difficult to fathom.

Do we really have answers to most of the questions that we have in our minds ?
Our minds are so much dazzled by certain things that we really don't require in our lives . Its really not that important for us to have all that creature comforts that we struggle so much to attain , its always been known to man that we can survive with the most basic of things in life . Just that we never get satisfied with what we have and we keep craving for more and more . The simplest essentials that we need to lead a good life ,to survive like food , water and shelter is no longer what we look for in this present day . The new generation looks for Position , Respect ,Technology ,Power and fun .
Life has taken a turn wherein no one is concerned about loyalty, friendship , relationship or feelings .
There's been a drastic change in the way we look at life , There's a exceptional change in everyone's perception of life these days .

Truthfulness , Honesty, Chivalry - Do these qualities still exist in us these days ?

The real good qualities that we were imbibed with as kids , do we still have them inside us ,

Are we still expected to show sincerity , honesty and all the other good attributes that we learnt in life ? The fast paced life of today's world has changed things around us in a severe way . People don't have time to talk to each other , forget meeting up in person.
You don't see a Guy opening a door for a lady anymore , you don't get to see a youngster leaving a seat for an elderly in a bus or a train or anywhere ,hardly get to see a person helping a starnger with anything at all . We no longer are honest with ourselves , forget others in our lives.
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